Dr. Wendy Carter

Did you know research shows 50% of all students drop out of graduate school and 17% drop out during the thesis and the dissertation phase?

In response to this startling statistic and my own graduate school experiences, I developed an interactive tutorial program, called TA-DA!, which is designed to alleviate the high attrition rate among graduate students.

In addition, I deliver workshops that not only motivate and encourage students, but also give them workable solutions to their own educational crises. You could say I have a passion for helping people succeed, because I know how hard it is to finish writing a thesis or dissertation. I have experienced and have overcome the obstacles to success. 

Today, I successfully manage many roles – parent, educator, business owner and motivational speaker. I continually strive to be an inspiration and resource to students and educators throughout the country.

I know you’ll find the articles in FinishLine to be helpful as you pursue your degree. – Dr. Wendy Carter

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