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"Dr. Carter,

I have appreciated your newsletter during my dissertation journey. Yesterday, I successfully defended and completed the program. My recommendation is that, any graduate student who needs a prospective, and retrospective knowledge source, subscribe to your Finishline newsletter; a great mentor. I wish that I found it earlier in my dissertation journey.





FinishLine is published monthly to provide graduate students with help, especially with writing a thesis or dissertation.

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FinishLine Thesis Dissertation Help for Graduate Students

FinishLine Newsletter of TA-DA!™

Published Monthy for Graduate Students with
a Thesis or Dissertation to Write has been created to help master's and doctoral students not just survive but thrive in graduate school and beyond. 

We have expanded the older version of these pages, formerly posted as "TADA FinishLine," into two sites in order to cover in more detail the resources students need to complete their degree.

Our goal is to get the information on both sites into the hands of as many graduate students as possible. So, please feel free to link to us and pass on these resources to other students. 

We welcome your feedback; please contact us if you have any additional suggestions.

Completing a Ph.D.
These resources aim to help doctoral students complete their programs, develop themselves as professionals, and prepare for their post-academic careers while still in graduate school.  

This site includes articles on:

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Specific Artlcles

March, 2010
Making Progress When You Don't Feel Like Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation 

February, 2010
5 More Rules to Making a Good Impression in Graduate School

January, 2010
Making a Good Impression in My Graduate Department